Severe Videos

Severe Videos was founded by Scott “Chaser” Curry in 2015 as a way to feature his most severe videos captured while storm chasing. In 2019, Severe Videos underwent a transformation to help showcase severe videos from other storm chasers across the United States.


We are equipped with a full range of communication, safety, and rescue equipment to help us chase storms safely and effectively.  It should be noted that this equipment has been acquired over the course of 6 years.  A beginning storm chaser can effectively chase with nothing more than a cell phone.  You should not strive to get close to tornadoes until you have a full range of safety equipment and years of storm chasing experience.  Chasing storms is a dangerous hobby that can lead to death.  Every year during the off season, we upgrade our vehicles and install additional equipment.  The below list is expected to grow and change over time.

Chase Vehicle

  • 2008 Ford Explorer, V8, 4WD
  • Kumho Road Venture AT51 All Terrain Tires

Vehicle Safety

  • VKGAT 30 LED Mag Mounted Amber Strobe Light
  • 12 Heliar LED Road Flares
  • RainX on the Windshield, Side Windows, and Rear Window
  • KOBRA OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner
  • SOG Escape Knife FF25-CP with Built-In Seatbelt Cutter and Glass Breaker

Personal Safety

  • Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
  • PPE ANSI Certified Hi-Visibility Safety Helmet 

Vehicle Recovery

  • 10,000 lb Tow Strap with Sewn Ends
  • 10,000 lb Tow Strap with Hooks
  • 2 1/2″ Shackles
  • 2 3/4″ Shackles
  • 2 2″ Receiver Reese Vehicle Recovery Rings
  • 2″ Receiver Vehicle Recovery Hook
  • 2 10,000 lb Keeper 36″ x 2″ Axle Straps with D-Rings
  • 2 WOWLED 36W LED Vehicle Floodlights
  • Security Chain Company SZ435 Super Z6 Tire Chains for the front tires
  • Off-Road Mud Chains for the rear tires
  • Cartman Aluminum Utility Shovel

Victim Recovery

  • KwikSafety THUNDER ANSI Certified Safety Harness
  • 160′ 8mm Static Rescue Rope
  • GM CLIMBING Rescue 8 Rated at 40kN
  • 10 Climbing Carabiners rated at 24kN each and both CE and UIAA certified
  • PETZL – Croll Chest Ascender
  • Climbing Foot Ascender
  • Climbing Hand Ascender
  • Lixada Grappling Hook rated at 390kg
  • 2 Fusion Climb Ekat Side Sing Pulleys rated at 20kN
  • KwikSafety Cruise Tandem Pulley rated at 30kN
  • Goat Leather Gloves
  • 24″ 10.5mm Eye-to-Eye Prusik Cord
  • 40″ 10.5mm Eye-to-Eye Prusik Cord
  • 150′ Throw Line and Weight


  • Yaesu FT-2900R 75W 144 MHz Mobile Ham Radio
  • Baofeng UV-5R MK5 8W VHF/UHF Handheld Ham Radio
  • Baofeng UV-5R 5W VHF/UHF Handheld Ham Radio
  • SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 Cell Signal Booster
  • Astatic PDC1 100 Watt SWR Meter
  • 2 Kenwood SMC-34 Handheld Speaker Mics
  • Conterra Tool Check Radio Chest Harness


  • Larsen 144-174 Mhz NMO 5/8 Wave Antenna
  • Diamond NR770HBNMO 144/430 Mhz Dual Band Antenna
  • FireStik FL3-B CB Antenna
  • NAGOYA NA-767 BNC 144/430 Mhz Dual Band Antenna
  • SureCall Mag Mount 3G/4G Antenna

Computers & Electronics

  • Lenovo T400
  • Samsung Tab E
  • Samsung S8
  • Samsung S6
  • GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver
  • 2 BESTEK 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Adapters with 4 USB Chargers


  • Windows
    • GRLevel3 Radar
    • Franson GPS Gate
    • Spotter Network Client
  • Android
    • RadarScope Pro Radar
    • PYKL3 Radar
    • Larix Broadcaster
    • YouTube Live
    • Google Maps


  • Nikon D5500
  • Crosstour 1080p Front / 720p Rear Dual Dash Camera
  • Samsung S8
  • Samsung S6

Camera Lenses and Accessories

  • Nikkon 15-36mm Lens
  • Zakitane Wide Angle Phone Lens
  • ViewPoint 20X Zoom Phone Lens
  • Neewer CN-216 LED Dimmable Video Light
  • MAONO AU100 Hands Free Lavalier Microphone

Mounts and Tripods

  • 2 MACTREM CT62A Carlsbad Tripods
  • Fotopro UFO2 Tripod
  • ULANZI U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig
  • iKross Cup Holder 10″ Tablet Mount
  • Bracketron SWM-400-BL Garmin Navigation Window Mount
  • Tram NMO to 3/8-24 Antenna Adaptor
  • 2 Browning BR-1024 NMO Trunk Mounts
  • Diamond K515SNMO Luggage Rack NMO Mount

Meteorology Tools

  • Kestral 4000
    • Current Wind Speed
    • Average Wind Speed
    • Maximum Wind Speed
    • Temperature, Humidity
    • Dew Point
    • Relative Humidity