Scott Chaser

Lead Storm Chaser

Scott “Chaser” Curry is a well known storm chaser and the founder of Severe Videos.

Scott Curry (known professionally as Scott Chaser) is an American storm chaser and weather enthusiast. He became interested in severe weather after watching “Storm Chasers” on the Discovery Channel.  In 2012, Scott Chaser started studying severe weather.  He took Skywarn training in New York City, studied all of the training materials available at Spotter Network, and passed his Spotter Network test.  Living in New York City though hampered Scott’s storm chasing desires.

In 2013, Scott Chaser moved to Colorado where he began chasing local storms (mostly hail, floods, and winter weather).  In 2014, Scott began chasing stronger storms in Colorado and Kansas, although he made sure to stay far away for safety reasons.  As Scott gained more experience chasing severe weather, he began chasing some of the weaker tornadoes that occur in Colorado.  In 2015, Scott created the Severe Videos brand to showcase his most severe videos. In 2019, Scott Chaser took his first multi-day storm chasing vacation (or “chasecation” as us chasers like to call it).  This chasecation gave Scott enough time to travel further from his house and chase all across Tornado Ally into Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

Today Scott Chaser chases storms throughout the United States from May through August. While his main reason for storm chasing is personal enjoyment, he occasionally covers extreme weather for news networks. He plans to achieve his Colorado Emergency Medical Responder certification soon.  While chasing, Scott carries a full range of rescue equipment in his vehicle so that he can help rescue victims of severe weather.

Interesting Fact: Scott saw his first tornado in Turkey in 1996. It was the only tornado to hit the country of Turkey that year. Scott was attending high school in Turkey, and was returning from a track meet when he saw the tornado.